Technological progress is good
from many perspectives,
where is it taking us?
And above all, did we choose it?


Just as doctors have the Hippocratic Oath, this project aims to draft and see adopted an oath for those operating in the digital world.

This document contains the ethical boundaries that should shape our progress, achieving recognition at the State level, and, as much as possible, on a global scale.


The spirit that drives us, and is at the core of how we wish to work together on this project, is one of sharing. We consider it essential to have a climate of respect and mutual acceptance, where each person is free to offer their say.

For this reason, we envision Digital Oath as an open network; where every voice is heard. A place that fosters debate where even the smallest among us can participate.

So, everyone is needed! Those with influence and power, but also everyday people – so that together we can orient ourselves towards a more humane, fraternal and inclusive future.


The basic idea guiding us is that progress is for humanity, and not the other way round. At times we can forget this, or it can be difficult to distinguish between things that are harmful and things that can truly be considered beneficial.

The Digital Oath project – inspired by the values of the Focolare Movement – seeks to be a space of open dialogue where we can put together these doubts; a magnifying glass that can help us better distinguish between what is just and what is not. A concrete support for professionals in this camp.


The Digital Oath targets engineers, software and hardware designers, data and computer scientists, and all digital actors directly involved in new technologies and solutions development.

Content creators (influencers, journalists, and any writer on the internet) and simple digital users can play the supporter and promoter roles.

The project wants to encourage everyone to work together for human-centered progress, where people and communities are the priority, with no one left behind.

Read the Oath Content
Read the Oath Content

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